MusicFest Scotland was borne out of a wealth of creativity and energetic minds, all with the same purpose to combine our seasoned knowledge with inspiration, making sure our festivals and events are fun, safe, budget conscious and most of all entertaining!


We aim to keep all our festival goers and event attendees safe and secure, so we are suggesting the following as guidelines as to what will be allowed and where zero tolerance will kick in.

  • Over 18s only – if you are lucky enough to look under 25, please bring ID with you such as a passport or driving licence to prove your age.
  • No alcohol/drugs/food to be brought into the festival/event.
  • Bag searched will be carried out at entry points and you really do not want anything confiscated.
  • Please don’t turn up drunk as you won’t be allowed in.
  • Be patient with security staff, whilst searches are being carried out, as they are there to keep you safe.
  • Don’t’ bring valuable items!
  • Leave bags unattended.
  • Do not look after someone elses’s belongings!
  • If you see anything suspicious please report it to security staff immediately.
  • Listen to PA announcements and instructions from event staff incase there is an emergency and evacuation plans have to kick in.
  • Zero tolerance, please respect all other festival goers, event attendees, event staff and anyone else missed out.
  • Keep hydrated!
  • Lots of sun tan lotion when necessary!